Create imaginary V.R Geographies

Walking virtual spaces with Unity

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The future of geolocation apps and interactive contents is in some ways linked to the software industry of videogames. Several games use real geographic data to build their interactive world. Unity plugins like MapMav give us the amazing power to export back videogames to the physical world. In the first module we study how to build immersive 3D navigable spaces to understand the potentials of Unity for the creations of virtual realities. In the second module we study how we can use real geographical data insde the game engine and finally export our interactive audiovisual creation to the physical space.
GPS Museum

the module

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Virtual worlds created by students during the workshop “Crear una realidad virtual navegable”, Fine Arts of Murcia - Spain. 2015.04

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At the end of the workshop we will test your Unity prototype in 3D with the Google Cardboard.

Pro Area

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Crear una Realidad Virtual navegable

Técnicas 3D

nivel medio

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prototipado fase 1

Realidad Virtual

Virtual Reality

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En este módulo vamos a crear un espacio virtual 3D con el motor de videojuegos Unity con el fin de estudiar los diferentes parámetros espaciales y temporales de una realidad digital navegable.

Crear un prototipo Locative Media con Unity

Técnicas 3D + Cartografía

nivel avanzado

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prototipado fase 2

Realidad Virtual & Geolocalización

Módulo no disponible

VR Scapes Workshops Archive


Introducción a la Realidad Virtual con Unity

Facultad de Bellas Artes - Universidad de Murcia

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