The core group of the Lab GPSM

Fred Adam is artist and researcher founder of the web portal and Co-founder of the art collective Transnational Temps. Specialist in spatial narrative and locative media since 2006. He is collaborating with artists, scientists, teachers and environmentalists in innovative projects mainly in the US, England and Spain. He is actually participating as a trainer and art director for the Cosmosis project leaded by the scientist Rich Blundell.

Verónica Perales

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Verónica Perales has an European PhD from the Department of Fine Arts at the Castilla-La Mancha University (FR/SP). Faculty Member in the Fine Arts Faculty of Murcia University in Spain. “Teaching Concept, Idea and Artistic discourse” and “Audiovisual and Multimedia projects” (graduate students) and “Digital Media for artistic Creation” (master Degree). Co-founder of international art collective Transnational Temps (2001), promoting respect for the biosphere as a living organism and the use of technological advancements to foment knowledge of the natural environment. Thinking about ARIS like a creative tool for hypermedia projects.

Horacio González Diéguez

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Horacio is a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo and a professor of Secondary Education in Galicia, a doctoral candidate in the "PhD Program in Engineering Design" at the University of Vigo and a member of the Research Group "DX7". His work is developed around the digital error, low technologies and the interaction between people and computers. He is part of the collective as a software developer, context in which he has collaborated in the development of the Gis plugins, Google Map Api and Open Layers for Spip. He is also one of the creators of the Visual Heritage Preasure Lab project in which he has developed projects such as Roommates, CommonBookmarks, FishChatter, Prize Hunter or Biophiomnitos.

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